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Have you ever wanted to know a secret?

A Christmas secret!

SantaMaybe you’d like to know where the fairy on top of the Christmas tree comes from, or why you never see a Christmas elf, or what exactly happened to Frosty the Snowman?

Or maybe you’d like to know the greatest secret of them all… the one about Santa Claus and the thing he secretly loves best. Could it be presents? Could it be reindeer? Could it be snow?

You’ll never guess, so if you want to find out then join Santa and his friends in this fun filled family musical complete with games, giggles and all your favourite Christmas songs.


Santa will be available after the show to meet your little ones and give them a present, so don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the smiles!

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“Fantastic festive fun for the whole family” ★★★★★

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The Guide

Click to download and print this letter so you can bring it along when you come to see Santa!

Santa letter

Create a fairy collage!

Fairy Collage

Even the youngest children will enjoy making this pretty fairy collage, and the template provided makes the activity a breeze. You may want to cut out the shapes in advance and leave the decorating and sticking up to the children. You can also find instructions for turning the fairies into finger puppets below.

Fairy collage Santa in Love

You will need:

  • Card – flesh or pink for faces and hands, something appropriate for her hair and any colour you like for her dress. Flowery scrapbook paper would be pretty!
  • A sheet of white card for the background and another for the template
  • Fancy paper for her wings (we used vellum)
  • Glue stick
  • Pens
  • Glitter glue, stickers etc for decorating
  • Sticky tape if you want to make a finger puppet


Print out our template (see below) on to white card and cut out the shapes. Trace around them onto the appropriate materials and cut out the parts for your collage. You may prefer to leave the hands out for younger children as they can be fiddly.

Glue the hair to the front of the face, and use your pens to add her features.

Decorate the dress with glitter glue and stickers if you like. Glue the hands to the end of the dress sleeves.

Glue the dress to the wings so the neck is about in the middle, and then glue the head on top.

Fairy collage template Santa in Love

To make a finger puppet:

To turn your fairy into a finger puppet, cut a piece of card approximately one inch by two inches.

Tape one end to the back of the fairy. Tape the other end down close to the first so a loop is formed.

Slide your finger into the loop and take your fairy dancing!

Christmas fairy crafts!

My kids are fairy mad so they loved the idea of making Christmas fairies to place on top of our Christmas tree. When I was little we always had a fairy crowning the tree, my little sister made it and my mum still puts it on the tree every year.

Our Christmas fairies are easy and fun to make.

You will need:

  • Toilet roll/cardboard tube
  • Coloured paper
  • Toothpicks
  • Styrofoam ball (50mm)
  • Permanent metallic marker
  • Wool
  • Small paper doily
  • Sticky tape and white PVA craft glue

To make:

Step 1 – The Fairy Body

Christmas fairy crafts - fairy body

  • Trim 2cm off the end of the toilet roll – this gives you better proportions and makes it easier to secure the fairy head to the toilet roll body. Cover the toilet roll with coloured paper and secure with tape.

Step 2 – The Fairy Head

Christmas fairy crafts - putting the head on the body

  • Skewer two toothpicks approximately the width of the toilet roll into the styrofoam ball fairy head. Push the styrofoam ball with toothpicks into one open side of the toilet roll. The toothpicks should be positioned against the inside of the toilet roll to act as an anchor. Secure the toothpicks to the inside of the toilet roll with sticky tape.
  • Draw on a fairy face with a permanent metallic marker. Cut strands of wool for hair. Put a dollop of craft glue on top of the fairy head and press down the wool.

Christmas fairy crafts - head on the body
Step 3 – The Fairy Wings

  • Fold a small paper doily in half to make the fairy wings. Tape the doily wings onto the back of the fairy.

Christmas fairy crafts - fairy

Feel free to accessorise your fairy. We decorated our fairies with little paper hearts cut from a heart-shaped hole punch. My 5 year old decided to turn her fairy into an angel by adding a pipe cleaner halo. My 3 year old wanted to add a wand so we made one by gluing a small paper star to a matchstick.

Our Christmas fairies are now waiting for our Christmas tree to arrive so they can fly straight to the top…what will you have at the top of your Christmas tree this year?

Christmas fairy crafts - fairy tags

And a little extra… as it is (almost) Christmas. I have created a Christmas fairy printable. You can download Christmas fairy printable here and use it on the front of homemade cards (add sequins and glitter for extra sparkle) or as gift tags on presents. Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus Paper Ornaments

Today I am sharing a super simple gift idea that you can give to your grandkids, or the kids friends…or make for your own Christmas Tree….Santa Claus Paper Ornaments.

Santa Claus paper ornament

To make you will need the following materials:

  • Red Paper
  • White Paper
  • Flesh Coluored Paper
  • Gold Paper
  • Patterns
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Exacto Knife
  • 11 inches of ribbon (or enough to go around your ornament)
  • fillable plastic ornament
  • string
  • tape
  • candy


  1. Print out the pattern by clicking on the link below. Cut out the pattern pieces.
  2. Trace the pattern on the proper pieces of colored paper.
  3. Cut out the colored patterns.
  4. Glue the Santa beard on the head followed by the Santa face and hat trim. Then glue on the hat pom pom, the nose and his mustache.
  5. Fill your ornament with candy.
  6. Cut the belt buckle so that it has two slits down each side.
  7. Cut your ribbon to be 11 inches or so that it fits around your ornament.
  8. Pull the end of the ribbon through the belt buckle.
  9. Tape the belt onto the ornament.
  10. Place the ornament into the hole. You may need to cut this smaller or larger depending on the size of ornament you are able to find.
  11. Tape a string onto the back of the ornament so it can hang on the tree.

Santa Claus paper ornament

These are fun to make and to give and take just a few minutes to make.

To download the patterns, simply click on the link below:

Santa Claus Paper Ornament Patterns

Create a handprint santa!

Handprint Santa: An Adorable Christmas Craft for Kids

We love Handprint Crafts and Christmas so of course we needed to make a Santa handprint craft to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. With a few coats of paint and one adorable little hand you can make Santa to hang on your wall, turn into a card (I’m sure grandma and grandpa would love one), make into a gift tag, and keep forever to remember how small your child’s hand used to be for years to come.

Handprint Santa Craft for Kids


Tan paper-affiliate link (I like using cardstock for handprint crafts because it doesn’t wrinkle from the paint)
White paint-affiliate link

Black and red pen



Paint child’s fingers white to make Santa’s beard.

Paint the top portion of child’s hand red and their thumb to make Santa’s hat. Leave the middle of their palm empty.