Bink and the Riddle of the Sphinx CD


11-track CD featuring all the songs from Bink and the Riddle of the Sphinx.


Listen to The Baby Song, then buy the 11-track CD of all the songs from the 2006/2007 pop musical Bink and the Riddle of the Sphinx.  Discover the toe-tapping tunes from the “action-packed pop musical” or, if you were there in the audience, see how many songs you remember!

Track listing:

  1. Good Better Best
  2. The Baby Song (click to listen)
  3. Get Her Back
  4. Change
  5. Quick Bink
  6. Whizpop
  7. Heading Into Trouble
  8. Haven’t You Punished Me Enough
  9. Creepy
  10. Danger
  11. Good Better Best reprise

Music and lyrics by Steven Lee. Arranged by Ben Tompsett and Steven Lee. Produced by Ben Tompsett.


Bink and the Riddle of the Sphinx

The story:

They say Bink is the greatest hero ever.

But then he’s never met a monster like the Sphinx.

When the Sphinx curses his kingdom, steals his baby son and threatens to kill the people that he loves, will he live up to his own legend or will he discover that he’s not so great a hero after all?

With more smash hit songs to sing along to, more action to enjoy, and more baddies to boo at than ever before, are you brave enough to face the fearsome God of Water, the spine chilling Sphinx, the hideous Gorgons and of course the legendary horror that is…The Terrible Bog Monster!

A family show for ages 4 and above from the creators of Bink and The Hairy Fairy.


Bink and the Riddle of the Sphinx

“The best family show ever!” What’s on Stage

Impossible to fault!” Slough Observer

“A treat for families that had children squealing for more!” Norwich and Diss Express