Jack & The Magic Slide Free Book

All our children’s productions are accompanied by free education packs which can be used by teachers in tandem with one of our shows or in isolation. You don't ever have to come and see a show to use them (although we'd love it if you did). All the education packs cover a comprehensive range of national curriculum subjects including PSHE and, of course, drama.

Click on the images to download a free education pack now.

Don't Dribble on the Dragon

Old MacDonald had a Farm

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

The Elephant Bridesmaid

Bink and the Hairy Fairy

Bink and The Riddle of The Sphinx

The Witch's Bogey

How The Koala Learnt To Hug
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How The Koala Learnt To Hug
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Note: "All activities should be done with adult supervision and that, whilst we have vetted these activities carefully, every child is different and adults should not do an activity if they are not confident that it can be done safely."

Bink and The Riddle of The Sphinx

Don't Dribble On The Dragon

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

Santa In Love

Write Hard - Barney Ashton

So You Want To Be An Actor? - Christopher Cazenove

Christopher Richardson

Fiz Marcus

Never Let Em See How Bad You Are - Mike Craig

Dave Nellist - Getting Ahead In Advertising

P-A Turner - What To Look For When Selecting An Agent

Tony Vincent Interview

Another Way - Julie Kinsella

Top Tips for Aspiring Lighting Designers

Steps To Success For The Aspiring Dancer

Advice For The Aspiring Actors - Drew Mulligan

Working In Radio - Izzy Mant


Surviving The Industry - Susie Amy

Adding Music To Drama - George Stiles

Practical Approaches to Raising Funds in the Arts - Mickey Fellowes

The Dark House - Izzy Mant

Don't Just Tap: Knock! - Steve Clarke

why Do I Need An Agent? - P-A Turner

Sustaining Your Career - Roy Hudd